How to come out of loneliness

By | January 9, 2023
how to overcome loneliness

How to come out of loneliness get to read it all Here – Feeling lonely is a common phenomenon that can happen to anyone at any age, by trying these remedies, you can get over your loneliness better

All of us experience loneliness at some point or the other. But how to come out of loneliness? Sometimes we feel lonely despite having many relationships and having many friends. Sometimes people feel lonely due to different reasons.

how to overcome loneliness

Depression and loneliness are two sides of the same coin, due to which negative thoughts arise. Depression can also cause loneliness, but loneliness does not necessarily lead to depression. When one feels alone, he creates a protective shield around himself and is completely isolated from the real world. Loneliness happens even when neglected. Feeling lonely is a common phenomenon that can be experienced by men and women at any age. By adopting the measures given in this slideshow, you can better control your loneliness.

how to overcome loneliness

When a person feels isolated from others or from the people to whom he is attached. It is called loneliness. In 2004, a research by the National Sample Survey Office (NSSO) found that at that time about 50 lakh people in India are victims of loneliness and consider themselves lonely.

We can understand loneliness through our relationships. Many people have Hundreds  of contacts in their phones, there are more than 1000 friends on Fb, there is a lot of meeting with other people, on the other hand many people have only 4-5 friends. In such a situation, it is not necessary that the person who has more friends cannot be a victim of loneliness or the person who has less friends becomes a victim of loneliness quickly.

Type of loneliness

There are many types of loneliness and it is not necessary that feeling sad for a certain period of time is a mental illness. We can understand this from different types of loneliness.

how to overcome loneliness

Two principal types of loneliness are social and emotional loneliness

1. Social loneliness

Social loneliness is the loneliness people experience because of the lack of a wider social network. They may not feel they are members of a community, or that they have friends or allies whom they can rely on in times of distress.

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2. Emotional loneliness

Emotional loneliness results from the lack of deep, nurturing relationships with other people. Weiss tied his concept of emotional loneliness to attachment theory. People have a need for deep attachments, which can be fulfilled by close friends, though more often by close family members such as parents, and later in life by romantic partners. In 1997, Enrico DiTommaso and Barry Spinner separated emotional loneliness into Romantic and Family loneliness. A 2019 study found that emotional loneliness significantly increased the likelihood of death for older adults living alone (whereas there was no increase in mortality found with social loneliness).

why is loneliness- what are the causes of loneliness

There are many reasons for loneliness which depend on our past. There are some incidents due to which we feel lonely like

Being emotionally upset by someone.

Getting away from friends

Change home or move to another city

People feel lonely when they change jobs or retire

linguistic problem

Due to lack of culture

Due to lack of social interaction

Reasons to spend more time on social media

Because of someone’s departure

Due to mental or physical weakness

Cheating by boyfriend or girlfriend.

when there is a loss in business.

on being unemployed.

Failure in studies, writing or any work.

What is the loss of loneliness

If loneliness lasts for a long time, then man starts feeling helpless. He feels that no one in the world is with me. Then this loneliness gradually turns into depression.

Loneliness causes mental illnesses like depression, tension, anxiety and low confidence.

Symptoms of loneliness

Feeling lonely is not only about feeling isolated, but loneliness comes with many other mental and physical problems like…lack of thinking
Thinking the same thing over and over
Negative thoughts
Do not feel like eating anything
Feeling depressed
Shopping too much
Being very active on social media
Watching too much tv
Never mind
Pain in body

How to overcome loneliness? 

Be kind and curious

Friends, to deal with loneliness, it is very important that you be kind and curious while talking to others and be interested in their words as well.

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control emotions

The biggest reason for loneliness is lack of control over the mind. Sometimes you get carried away through the mind in such inexplicable feelings that you feel lonely and difficult. So try to keep these thoughts away from you and focus on the good things in your life.

Find the reason of loneliness

First of all, find out the reason for your loneliness. What is it, what is the reason why you are so upset or because of which you are feeling alone. Then try to remove that cause, that reason. If that reason ends by talking to someone, or together, then do not delay, try to remove that reason as soon as possible.

Make a habit of reading

Make a habit of reading something new everyday. Read your favorite books, magazines, read newspapers, or search for inspirational things on the Internet. Read articles written on motivational blogs, websites. By reading, every day the country will be aware of the condition of the world and new things will be known. Due to which the mind will move from loneliness to a new place and you will try to read more new things.

Go out for a walk

Take some time out for yourself so that you can find the reasons behind your loneliness. So whenever you feel lonely, go for a walk or do meditation. By trying such methods, you can rejuvenate yourself and overcome the state of loneliness.

Seek help from a therapist or psychologist

You can take help from therapist or psychologist even before the problem increases a lot and nowadays it is not necessary that you go to them, it can now be possible online at home as well.

Exercise, do yoga

Every morning in the evening or whenever possible, do exercise or do yoga for some time, or go for running or at least go for a walk. The calm atmosphere in the morning and the pure and fresh air refreshes the mind, heart, which gives energy and vigor throughout the day.

love yourself

The best way to overcome loneliness is to love yourself. No one probably knows you more than yourself. Therefore, understand your good or bad things and also make changes in them if needed. Your life and these moments are very precious, don’t lose them just like that, rather enjoy it.

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Do photography

If you are fond of photography, then photography new things. You can do photography with your mobile or camera. For this you can take your photos, take photos of nature, animals or any historical place. Then by posting those photos on social sites, enjoy the likes or funny comments of your friends. Believe me, it takes your mind off the side of loneliness instantly.

spend time with your loved ones

To overcome loneliness, it is a little difficult to meet new people or make new friends. But it is better to talk to your loved ones. So the next time you feel lonely, don’t hesitate to call your loved ones. If possible, go to your friends and spend some time, this will make you feel better and there will be no feeling of loneliness.

use social sites

With social sites, you can share your thoughts and experiences with others and get to know their views from people going through similar situations. Therefore, whenever you feel lonely, social sites can help you to overcome this problem.

Think positive

Stay away from drugs addiction

Do the things you love

Friends, here I have told some ways to overcome loneliness. It is not necessary that all these measures will be useful for every human being. Every person’s thinking, his nature, his situation are different. But some of the remedies mentioned above will definitely be useful for every human being.

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