How to Stop Overthinking

By | January 9, 2023
How to Stop Overthinking1

How to Stop Overthinking- Overthinking is the biggest problem in today’s time for almost every human being.

People who keep thinking about something all the time, if we say it in other words, then those people who have have trouble thinking too much. So those people should know that thinking too much is ruining their life.

How to Stop Overthinking

Lets understand overthinking through an example

Suresh Kumawat, a middle class person who is facing inflation and wants a government job, who is working as a nursing staff in a private hospital in Nashik and as the income in the private hospital is not as much as the expenses. Suresh reached the hospital from his room and came out of his room thinking something and continuously and  reached his hospital. After reaching the hospital, he noticed that he had left an important document file in the bus.

Even in the hospital ward, he was thinking continuously when the ward in-charge said that you had given a wrong signature on the file yesterday and the doctor is coming to you. While returning from the hospital, he started having headache due to overthinking. Because of this headache, he forgot to share with his wife. Due to increasing pain in the head at the time of dinner he could not eat food properly. When he was thinking something, his wife said that today I had ordered something to you, did you bring and a Fight started regarding this matter.

Friends, many people are living life like Suresh. There can be only one reason for such a Helter Skelter life- And that is overthinking

We often feel that sometimes by overthinking about something, we make it so difficult that it was not even in reality.

Do you know that those people who think normal, those people have high IQ level and those who think more have very low IQ level. And this thing has also been proved by scientists. That people who have the habit of thinking more have a lower IQ level than those who think less.

Always thinking i.e. overthinking is a common problem. But it gradually makes life complicated. Overthinking is a subject associated with psychological problems, such as depression and anxiety.

Know in this article what is overthinking? What are the causes of overthinking, what are the symptoms of overthinking, what are the disadvantages of overthinking and how to get rid of it.

The thought process is an integral part of our brain. But if the mind is always running then it is called overthinking. We understand this by points like, are there always thoughts running in your mind. You can’t sleep because your mind is racing. You are not able to take quick decisions because you are always thinking too much that means you are not able to control your mind. You feel tired due to the constant running of your mind. So you are a victim of overthinking.

Some of the main reasons for overthinking And Issues

worrying more about the past or future than the present

If you divert your attention from the work you are doing now, then you will become a victim of overthinking.


The biggest problem of overthinking is that it can cause you stress, yes this small problem can put you in a big problem like stress. It happens that when we start thinking more about something, then we automatically complicate that thing.

From which then we are not able to do it and if that work is something that affects your life such as the work you do or your relationships. In such a situation, when all that is not correct, then the person starts feeling stressed.

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To Be Afraid

When there is fear inside the person like – fear of losing job, fear of not getting promotion, fear of failing in work, fear of not getting money or fear of drowning. The person keeps fantasizing about this fear, even if it is not going to happen. But gradually this fear forces him to think more than necessary.

lack of confidence

The next problem which is lack of confidence means doubting oneself, doubting one’s own ability. Feeling like you are a worthless and incompetent person.

This happens when you overthink and create false hopes inside yourself, as if my work is done well, then my life will become very easy. There will be no problem, but when you complete it, still you do not get that happiness or you could not fulfill it and you start feeling that you cannot do anything.

Judging oneself by looking at others

Whenever you see another person and he is successful in his field, then you start thinking by looking at him and start judging your ability from him that if I had done like him, then today he would have been successful like him.

Excess work stress

When the work load is high, the brain also starts running faster and it takes the form of stress. And if those thoughts also start coming in the mind, then they are not related to work and people become victims of overthinking.

Change Behavior

This overthinking is such a problem that you can feel, like we talked about above, how overthinking can lead to stress and lack of confidence.
And if this happens, then it is a very natural thing to change the behavior of a person, in this you can be very irritable. It is possible that you start getting angry on small things and start shouting at someone without any reason.

More Negative thoughts than Positive

This is our biggest problem, which in future also becomes the cause of our disease. In Negative Over Thinking, we get very upset about something. Inside this, we start having the problem of thinking too much and one thing comes to our mind. Which many thoughts are such that they are not even related to our real life and we get worried about them.

Initially, we do not know about it and we become victims of Over Thinking. And now we know the measures that can save us from over thinking.

Decreased Brain Power

The next effect that can occur due to overthinking is that our brain power may decrease, due to stress it may happen that we are not able to do as well as we used to do. Because already we take its tension in the mind and by doing so, despite having the ability to do that work, we are not able to do it.

Because we bind our brain power which has no limit with our thoughts. By doing this we ourselves are spoiling our brain power.

We all have this mental capacity to think carefully about any problem and think about its solution. But by overthinking, we reduce our ability, we are not able to think well about any problem.

Heaviness or pain persisting in the head.

Disinterest in any work

Body being tired

Loss of appetite or overeating

Increase in laziness due to which not being able to do any work on time.

Heart disease, dizziness, etc. can also occur.

There can be many problems related to mental health.

Quickly taking bad things about others and thinking about it for several days.

Paying more attention to unnecessary things or thinking more about them and getting upset.

Hair fall (baldness problem)

Getting drunk etc.

How to avoid overthinking?

Of course, overthinking can be got rid of. Although it may take some time, but if you follow the steps given below, you can definitely get rid of the problem of overthinking. So let us know how to get rid of the problem of overthinking.

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Except All New Changes

Many people have this problem that they do not like to change anything in their life and they all say that life should always continue as it is going on. And this is also the biggest reason for over thinking.

Because whenever it comes to make a change in one’s life, they start thinking differently about that change and over-thinking. That’s why we should understand that change is the law of nature.

Admit that you overthink

Accept the fact that you overthink and you don’t have to. When you accept this, you will prepare yourself to get rid of it. You will become aware of overthinking.

Whenever you feel that unnecessary thoughts are going on in your mind, immediately stop it there and start thinking from where you started thinking. Then you will come to know that you are wasting your time and energy thinking about such nonsense.

Do yoga, meditation and exercise

Yoga, meditation and exercise keep the mind and body healthy. Meditation is very beneficial in overthinking problem. Make it a part of your life.

Meditation is the best exercise done for the health of the mind, so I mention it in almost every article that has a similar topic. With meditation, your mind remains very calm, you get new energy, good thoughts start coming in your mind,

And you get away from negative thoughts, with meditation you can control your thoughts, by which you can solve problems like overthinking. If you have any such problem then you must try meditation once, you will get a lot of benefit from it.

Become A Busy Person

If you like to sit empty then you have to change this habit from today itself. Because when we sit empty, our mind starts rotating in 10 directions and then if we are disturbed then many types of thoughts come in the mind.

And then we create more thoughts in our mind about those thoughts and we become victims of over thinking. Then the best way to avoid this is to make yourself as busy as possible.

When you become a busy person, you will not get time to think about unnecessary things. You have to give 100% to your work. If you are successful in doing this then you can avoid over thinking.

Seek professional help

You must take the help of a professional or a doctor, we explained to you above in its problems that this is not something to be ignored.

If you feel that your problem is increasing, then you must take the help of a professional, many people shy away from taking the help of a doctor or others who are specialist in these things in this matter, There is no hesitation in this, it is the work of those people, other people like you are fine by taking help from them Therefore, if you feel the need, then you must take their help and believe in yourself, no matter what happens, you can do whatever you want.

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Do Not Multitasking

You should never forget that there is no such thing as multitasking. Therefore, if you are also a victim of multitasking, then you have to stop it today. Because if you do this then believe that you too can be a victim of Over Thinking.

Try to live in the present moment

Sometimes people keep thinking about the past or event and get tensed. Similarly, they worry so much about the time that is coming that they remain under stress. Under stress, the mind becomes dominant and starts thinking nonsense.

Learn from the time that has passed. Prepare for what is to come. But you can do this only if you stay in the present. So whatever you are doing now, focus your attention on that. As you are reading this article then read it carefully.

Clarity In Thoughts

Our biggest problem is that whenever we do or think to do some work, there is no clarity in our thoughts and when there is a lack of clarity in our thoughts, then we do not know that we have to go.

Write down what is bothering you

There is a strong connection between the way you think and the way you feel. The way you think affects your emotional state and your emotional state affects the way you think.

So write down what is bothering you. Now write about that thing why it is bothering you. Now ask yourself whether the solution to this problem is to be worried. If not, find a solution for it. And this is not the solution, so what will happen if you keep worrying and thinking.

Control Your Emotions

Controlling your emotions does not mean at all that you can control your emotions. But you have to control your emotions. When you control your emotions, you can see the reality. Uncontrolled emotions give unnecessary movement to the thoughts of the mind.

Keep Calm

Modern life is hectic and stressful. Being under stress becomes so common with most people that they do not realize that gradually the stress is taking a toll on their mental and physical health.

When the mind is disturbed then negative and useless thoughts start taking home in our mind. If you want to get rid of overthinking then keep your mind calm.

This post “How to Stop Overthinking”. How did you like it, please tell through the comment, any questions and suggestions are welcome. please share

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