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health and fitness
health and fitness
Food nutrients help your body to grow and to repair itself. These types of foods are needed every day.

_______ is the ability to do work.

Nutrients are substances found in food that help your body grow and develop.

Physical health is..

Which of the following organ(s) form a part of the human digestive system?

The parts of the body that work together to change food into a form the body can use.

Vitamin D is sometimes called the:

God designed your body to change the food that you eat into a form your body can use. The parts of your body that change or digest the food is called the _____.

Liquids in the mouth and stomach help break down foods into materials the body can use.

White blood cells that attack pathogens are called ______________.

Substances found in food that help your body grow and develop.

Your skin, nails, hair, muscles, internal organs and even your brain contain no protein.

How many servings from the fruit group should you eat daily?

Your immune system produces chemicals called ___________ specifically to fight a particular invading substance.

Many children with asthma experience more severe reactions when they breathe ___________________

How many chambers are in the heart?

Nutrients from the soil that are found in foods.

Food which contains sugar and starch. Most of your energy comes from this kind of food. Foods with natural sugar or starch in them are the best source of this kind of food.

It takes ____ to keep your mind alert.

A thick, oily, dark, liquid that forms when tobacco burns is ___________.

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