What to choose between passion and profession?

By | January 9, 2023
passion and profession

From childhood to till now I heard two things related to passion from many people. First “Make your passion as your profession”, Second “Find your passion in your profession” Well, A o earlier I used to think that my interest and my hobby is my passion .

There are many people who think that only their hobby is their passion and hence they want to make it as their profession. But very few people are able to make their hobby their successful profession. Whatever work we do for our daily earning, our satisfaction in that work is very important. Otherwise we will keep earning money, but from professional point of view happiness will be missing in our life.

What to choose between passion and profession

Friends, everyone’s dream is to do something big, do something that has both name and fame. Especially when students start thinking about their career, then many questions come in their mind that what to do, how to do it. So they either choose the field that their friends are doing, or the one they have heard about is very good and has a lot of money in it. Or choose the field that their parents suggest them.

It is not wrong that you are taking suggestions but would you choose to do what someone is telling you. It may be that the person who is advising to do some work, any business, is successful in this work, but you should think carefully whether you too can be successful in that work. Maybe not and maybe yes too.

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The success of whatever profession you choose is decided by whether you have interest in that work or not. How passionate are you for that work? The higher your enthusiasm for that work, the more you will be able to do that work better.

What happens when you convert Passion to Profession?

Without passion, it is impossible to achieve success in any area of ​​life. When some work becomes a passion for you, then the work is no longer useful. According to the great Chinese philosopher Confucius, “You choose to do what you love, then you will not work for the rest of your life. You’re doing it without stopping, tirelessly because that’s what you like.”

You are successful in any work only when you have full interest in that work. You do that work with full passion. Even if you do not get the money for that work, even then you should do that work with full enthusiasm, at any time you should be ready to do that work without paying. When this kind of your Passion turns into Profession, will success not kiss your feet.

With your passion, you can quit your job and pursue your passion, start a business, write a book or start writing a blog. Whatever your hobby is, when you want to make it as a profession, then people may speak negatively about it, but when you make your hobby a profession with full passion, then you definitely succeed in it.

Your hobby can be anything you are passionate about. You may mourn the music, you may mourn the care of nature. to write you. Teaching can be sad. There are many lucky people who recognized their passion and turned it into a profession. I used the word lucky because people who always have to do the work that they like, they will be lucky.

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How to convert your passion into a profession

Make a list of your hobbies. Suppose you have three hobbies; You mourn for writing, mourn for photography and mourn for teaching. Consider a hobby. Do every hobby for 15 – 15 days. You write for 15 days, on whatever topic you write, write As a Profession for 15 days. Similarly, do photography and teaching for 15 – 15 days as a profession. You will automatically know about which work you are passionate about.

The work you have the passion to do, the work you do not know about the time, the work you get pleasure from doing, understand that the time has come to convert that passion into a profession.

Whenever you change your Passion to Profession, ask yourself this question

-Whatever I am doing – does the world need it?
-Will I be able to give more importance to this work than money?
-Are there any problems in the world that I am solving?
-Is the purpose of doing what I am doing clear?
-Would I do something that would be a gift to this world?
-Even if my family members are not with me in this work, will I do it and prove to them that I am right?

Give Direction to Passion

You have a passion, but if you do not direct your passion, you will go astray. You have to work with a plan and time frame in mind. You have to measure your progress and clarify your goals. A proper training has to be taken. He has to do everything that is necessary.

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One thing to remember is that you will encounter many turns along the way, requiring accountability, clarity and encouragement. Asking for help in this is not a sign of weakness, but a sign of strength and wisdom. Never let your passion get you down. Keep trying to figure out how to advance yourself.

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