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What is telepathy and how to do this?


What is telepathy and how to do this?

Have you ever noticed such incidents in which we get attached to the medium i.e. the similar one for some time. We feel as if someone wants to talk to us and when we call him/her he/she says “hey i was missing you” This type of connection is what we call telepathic communication practice. It is a known and unknown practice that we feel more with those people with whom we have an emotional connection.


Most telepathy is seen in love, where two people understand each other’s words without saying. Some people want to know whether telepathic communication practice alone at home is safe? Because if you do not keep patience in this type of practice, then success is not achieved. Apart from this, you may also be mentally disturbed.

What is telepathy

The term telepathy was first used in 1882 by Fredrik WH Myers. It is said that the person in whom this sixth sense sense is awakened, he knows what is going on in the mind of others. This is the subject of parapsychology in which many types of telepathy are described. The words telephone, television etc. have been derived from the word ‘tele’. These are all distant message and picture capture devices.

The human brain also has this capability. When a person knows the matter of someone’s mind or captures a distant event and describes it, then he is called a person endowed with transcendental knowledge. Sanjay had this ability in the Mahabharata period. He had told Dhritarashtra the description of the war going on in the distance.

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Does telepathy exist?

When the child is in trouble, the mother is the first to know. This is done only through telepathy. The mother may stay away from the child but she gets to know about her grief. Sanjay had this ability in the Mahabharata period. He narrated to Dhritarashtra the description of the war going on far away. It happens to us often but we don’t realize it. Sometimes you think of a person with whom you are very close and that person immediately calls you or stands at your door.

The purpose of telepathy is not to read someone’s mind. It can only be used as an instant messenger for sending and receiving messages. For a telepathic connection between two people to work, they must know each other well. Spouses, siblings, close friends or relatives can become our best telepathic friends.

There are three ways to develop telepathy

1. Meditation

By meditating continuously, the mind becomes stable. Witnessing comes when the mind is stable and calm. This sensitive state is necessary for telepathy. A meditator can understand the mind of anyone. How far away can one describe the position and conversation of a person sitting.

2. Yoga

Mind in Yoga: This power can be achieved through yoga. When there is restraint in the state of knowledge, there is knowledge of the mind of another. If the mind is calm then the power to know the condition of other’s mind will be achieved. You can also learn this vidya in yoga through tratak vidya, prana vidya.

3. Modern Method

According to the modern method, if you increase the ability to see and hear carefully, then the voice of the mind of the front will also be heard. This requires regular practice. Through hypnosis also the subconscious mind can be awakened by putting your conscious mind to sleep.

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Is telepathic communication practice alone safe and possible?

To understand telepathic communication practice, first of all we understand the human thought transfer process. Our body can receive mental waves, it is possible from its aura. And it does the work of receiving and transmitting the waves. Therefore, to make it more and more sensitive, we have to control the state of mind.

When this happens only then our body starts receiving the signal coming from the universe. If you can control your mind and mold it in the order you want, then you can easily do telepathic communication practice at home. If it is practiced with restraint and patience, then it is possible that you can easily do it in a few days but, take the least distance.

As far as the safety of this exercise is concerned, then tell that this practice is convenient as long as you do not force it. Many times we start without the right guide and later when we do not have experience, we give up. This practice is of mental level and along with calming your mind, it should be made sensitive as much as possible.

What is subconscious mind and conscious mind

1. Conscious Mind

It can also be considered as the waking mind. It is only by staying in the conscious mind that we deal with daily tasks, that is, we work with open eyes. According to science, that part of the brain in which we have information about the actions taking place.

2. Subconscious Mind

The mind that is dreaming is the subconscious mind. It is also called the subconscious mind. This mind remains awake even in a state of deep sleep. According to science, there is another part of the brain beyond the waking mind, which is the subconscious mind.

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Amazing Telepathic fact

There is no contribution of our physical body in telepathy because you cannot explain it physically. For this, understand the thought transfer process of the mind. In which we mentally connect with each other without any medium. Second, the power of the mind is infinite, the more importance you give to it, the more you will be able to keep it awake.

Its experience can be seen not only in humans but also in animals. To understand someone’s feeling without saying anything is also a way of telepathy. Especially such pets with whom you spend a lot of time remain emotionally attached to you.

telepathic communication practice

To practice telepathic communication between two people, you should first of all choose such people who can agree on the same opinion. Those whose ideas meet with each other, there is a possibility of getting success in practice with them.

-Choose a place with a calm atmosphere. If you want, you can choose 2 different rooms in the same house.
-Ask your friend to set the bedtime and wake-up timer at the same time.
-When the alarm goes off and you have to wake up, set another alarm after 10 minutes.
-Go back to sleep and this time you just have to imagine your friend and the environment around him while         remaining conscious.
-During the practice, if you want, you can prepare some such suggestions which you have to send but your friend   does not know.
-Repeat this exercise for 15-30 minutes only.

What does subconscious mind do

1. This mind tells us how to avoid the dangers that are coming. You can also call it the sixth sense.
This mind constantly keeps on protecting us.
2. This mind informs us about the illness 6 months in advance and if we are sick then it also tries to keep us healthy.
3. Telepathy is possible only by awakening and keeping this mind through meditation and yoga.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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