Top 10 World’s Most Famous Unsolved Mysterious Events

By | January 9, 2023
Top 10 World's Most Famous Unsolved Mysterious Events11

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Unsolved Mysteries of The World– Science has made a lot of progress in today’s time. Unsolved mysteries of the world, Science has told us the secrets of many worlds, but there are some mysteries which remain mysteries till date and science does not even have the answer to them.

Top 10 World's Most Famous Unsolved Mysterious Events

Events happen one after the other in the world. While many incidents are extremely common, some incidents are extremely shocking. Today we are going to tell you about some such incidents around the world which are considered very mysterious. Many of these incidents are such that scientific research was also done, but the exact reason could not be known. Although it is strange in itself, but despite the progress of science, the curtain could not be raised on the events that happened. Let us know about some such incidents..

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Top 10 World’s Most Famous Unsolved Mysterious Events

1. Bhangarh Fort – Rajasthan

1. Bhangarh Fort – Rajasthan

1. Bhangarh Fort was built in the 17th century by Raja Madho Singh, the younger brother of Man Singh, who was then posted as a general in Akbar’s army. Bhangarh is at one end of the Sariska National Park in the Alwar district of Rajasthan. This fort is very famous and it is known as ‘Bhoot Quila’. And Still a popular travel destination, it is amazing and really fascinating best places to visit in Rajasthan that you cannot miss.

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unsolved mysteries of the world

2. According to a story related to Bhangarh Fort, Ratnavati, a princess of this fort, fell in love with a tantrik Sindhu Sevada and she took the help of a tantrik to get the princess, which the princess found out and that tantrik had to do it. pay it off. The death sentence was given, but before dying, the tantrik cursed the people of this fort, which cursed the fort and all the people living in it.

3. According to that story related to Bhangarh Fort, after the death of the tantrik, a fierce battle took place in Ajabgarh and Bhangarh and all the people living in the fort and princess Ratnavati were killed. It is believed that even today the souls of those who died in this fort roam and scream.

4. Following the claims of many people and tantriks who witnessed ghost-like incidents in Bhangarh Fort, the Indian government has banned the entry of people into this fort and the surrounding areas after sunset.

5. Due to the mysterious incidents of Bhangarh Fort, a board has been put up at the entrance to declare the fort as haunted by the Archaeological Department, according to which entry is prohibited before sunrise and after sunset.

2. Sliding Stones, Death Valley- California

2. Sliding Stones, Death Valley- California

The Death Valley here has always been a subject of discovery for scientists. The reason for this is the terrain and temperature here. Let us tell you that the temperature here is the highest measured in the world. But even more surprising are the self-sliding stones here which are known as Sailing Stones. Even stones up to 320 kg present in the race track area automatically move from one place to another.

unsolved mysteries of the world

Some scientists believe that strong winds can cause stones to be carried from one place to another. According to the research study, strong winds blow at a speed of 90 miles per hour in this desert. Snow freezes here at night and a thin layer of wet soil also freezes above the surface of the ground. This can also cause stones to slip.

The view present here is something that you will be surprised to see. There is no evidence of any human or animal dragging these stones as the soil present there has not been tampered with. Some believe that the stones exist in this way due to geographic changes or hurricanes.

3. Secret of lightning- आसमानी बिजली

Secret of lightning

That is an electric charge is generated in storm clouds. It comes fast from the sky to the ground. During this, we hear a sound with strong thunder and see light like flashing of lightning, this whole process is called Thunders lightning.

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In 1638 a strong storm struck a church in St. Pancras. During this, lightning fell on the church. As it was noon, 300 people were praying in the church. Four people were killed, 60 were badly injured and the building was also destroyed. There was a strange darkness before this incident. The bright light went back, causing damage to the church and the people sitting in it. According to, locals claimed that the incident was carried out by a devil at the invitation of gamblers. There is still speculation about what actually happened. Many researchers tried to get to the bottom of this phenomenon, but they also did not get it.

unsolved mysteries of the world

4. The mystery of the death of Cleopatra Queen

4. The mystery of the death of Cleopatra Queen

Modern scholars debate the validity of ancient reports involving snakebite as the cause of death and whether or not he was murdered. Some academics speculate that his Roman political rival, Octavian, forced him to kill himself in a manner of his choice. The location of Cleopatra’s grave is unknown. Queen Cleopatra of Egypt has died at the age of 38. This queen was a very beautiful and attractive woman. How did this queen die? Nothing is known for sure about this yet. Many believe that the queen herself was bitten by snakes, while some believe that Augustus killed Cleopatra.

5. The Devil’s Foot Prints

5. The Devil's Foot Prints

The Devil’s Footprints was an event that took place during February 1855 around Exe Estuary in East and South Devon, England. After heavy snowfall, crack-like markings in the snow appeared overnight, covering a total distance of about 40 to 100 miles (60 to 160 km). The footprints were so called because some religious leaders suggested that they were the marks of the devil and compared them to a hoof with a hoof. Several theories have been created to explain the phenomenon, and some aspects of its veracity have also been questioned.

Experts say that either these marks are of the feet of kangaroos or the demons must have passed through here. Whatever the reason, it is still a mystery.

unsolved mysteries of the world

6. The Mystery of the Floating Stones – Rameshwaram

The Mystery of the Floating Stones – Rameshwaram

Hindu mythology has it that to save his wife Sita from Ravana, Lord Rama built a floating bridge across the Palk Straits from Rameswaram to Sri Lanka. This bridge is known as Ram Setu or Adam’s Bridge. The surprising thing is that some stones found around this area float in water even though they are in the presence of normal stones. Despite studies by various scientists, the reasons for the existence of such floating stones have not been identified.

7. Broken Legs of British Columbia Beaches

Broken Legs of British Columbia Beaches

On 20 August 2007, several severed human legs were found on the beaches of the Salish Sea. Only a few of these have been identified. It was speculated that these legs may have belonged to those killed in a boat accident or a plane crash at sea. Second, it could also be the feet of the four people killed in the plane crash in Quadra Iceland. No mark was found on the leg, but murder and torture followed by murder cannot be ruled out. It was also linked to the tsunami that hit Asia on 26 December 2004.

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8. loch lake monster

loch lake monster

This mystery is related to the demon lake, whose reality has not been known till date. This huge lake is present in the mountains of Scotland. The one who sees it for the first time surely loses heart at its beauty.

But it is claimed that a very scary demonic world has settled inside this lake. The depth of this lake makes it even more mysterious. Due to the dirty water of this lake from above, it is not clearly visible what is happening inside here.

What is the truth of the mysterious Monster present in the lake?
Is there really a dinosaur-like monster inside the lake?
Efforts to find answers to these questions have been going on for the last 87 years. But even science could not solve this inexplicable puzzle of Los Ness Lake. No one has been able to know till date what is the full truth of the lake of demons present in Scotland.

9. Black Dahlia Murder

Black Dahlia Murder

Many such cases come to the fore every day around the world which become a problem for the police. One such unique case came many years ago in the year 1947, in which hundreds of people had confessed to the death of a woman, but her real killer could not be found till date. This case is of America which is known as ‘Black Dahila Murder Case’. The case is considered one of the oldest unsolved murder cases in Los Angeles, as the murder took place in Los Angeles.

Actually, Elizabeth Short, a resident of Boston, America, was known as Black Dahila. She suddenly disappeared on 9 January 1947, after which her body was found five days later i.e. on 15 January. Surprisingly, his body was cut in half from the waist, along with deep wounds on many parts of the body. The killer had cut his mouth to the ear with a sharp weapon.

About 60 people confessed to killing Elizabeth Short, most of whom were men. However, his guilt could never be proved, so he was released. Many books have also been written on this incident. The murder of Elizabeth Short is considered one of the most brutal and unsolved crimes in American history, as the killer has yet to be found. Even Time magazine has listed it as one of the most notorious unsolved cases in the world.

10. Dancing Plague

Dancing Plague

Can a person dance so much that he dies? Yes, even if you find this strange thing, but such a strange incident has happened. In the 1518 century, a strange dancing disease, known as the dancing plague, spread in the Roman city, one day suddenly 400 people started dancing in this city and they danced not for a day but for several months. Many of these people have died of fatigue, heart attacks and blood vessel ruptures.

The cause of this disease has not been understood till date and it remains an unsolved mystery for us even today.

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